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APPRO HYDRAULIC OILS are developed to provide excellent pump life and trouble free service in all hydraulic systems.  They offer protection against wear, oxidation, foam and rust. The proper combination of high quality base stocks and additives provides stability against oxidation and protection against corrossion & rusting.  They carry metal wetting properties and maintain a protective film over the surface.

Appro 20/W/40 is specially blended multigrade oil which ensures engine protection and cleanliness prevention of wear & tear and low piston deposits. They meet and satisfy
API-SN & JASO-MA2 standards and specifications.

APPRO THERM are premium quality mineral oils formulated from the best in class of highly refined base stocks and special additives to ensure excellent oxidation, chemical stability & thermal conductivity. Our oils ensure long and trouble free service in well designed heat transfer systems & give an efficient performance for a wide range of temperatures. They are non toxic and non corrosive.