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Appro Soubhagya tractor oil is specially blended multigrade oil which ensures engine protection and cleanliness, prevention of wear & tear and low piston deposits. They meet and satisfy API/SC/CC/MIL-L-2104B standards and specifications.

Appro GEAR EP oils are moderate duty lubricating oils having high viscosity index, high detergency level and good oxidation stability. They reduce wear and tear and erosion by acting as a smooth boundary lubricant.

Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) is SAE 10W30 agricultural equipment oil.  UTTO oils are generally formulated to meet the requirements of off-highway moving equipment.  They are designed to keep sludge and varnish from depositing on the equipment’s’ interior and to keep filters and screens from plugging and restricting oil flow.

These are lithium based soap multipurpose greases. Having high drop point, good thermal and structural stability. It has high degree of resistance to Oxidation, Rusting, Corrosion and is Water Resistant. Meets IS 12203 99 (REAFFIRMED 2009) SPECIFICATION