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APPRO HYDRAULIC OILS are developed to provide excellent pump life and trouble free service in all hydraulic systems.  They offer protection against wear, oxidation, foam and rust. The proper combination of high quality base stocks and additives provides stability against oxidation and protection against corrossion or rusting.  They carry metal wetting properties and maintain a protective film over the surface

APPRO HYDRA HLP SERIES OILS is particularly suitable as pressure fluid for industrial and mobile hydraulic systems of different types. It must withstand high thermal loads, prevent corrosion when water is supplied and minimize wear when mixed friction occurs. The oil can be used well at a pressure of over 200 bars.

These are lithium soap multipurpose greases. Having high drop point, good thermal and structural stability. It has high degree of resistance to Oxidation, Rusting, Corrosion and is Water Resistant. Meets IS 12203 99 (REAFFIRMED 2009) SPECIFICATION